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Beverages / Water  Food for Entertainment  Frozen Food  Alcohol  Sugar & Sweeteners  Egg Products  Tea  Acquatic Products  Bean Products  Coffee & Cocoa & Products 
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Graphite & Carbonous Products  Metal Wire, Pipe, Slate Machinery  Powder Metallurgy  Others  Non-metallic Mineral Products  Ferroalloy & Products  Ferroalloy  Rare Earth & Products  Magnetic Materials  Metal Mineral 
Batteries  Petroleum Processing Machinery  Petroleum & Products/Crude Oil  Electric Power  Energy Projects Cooperation  Solar and Recycling Energy  Others  Petroleum & Products  UPS & Power Supplies  Mining Supplies 
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General Components And Parts  Air-blower、Exhaust Equipment  Industrial Supplies Stock  Instruments & Meters  Textile Machinery & Parts  Machinery & Industrial Products Project Cooperation  Electric Power Tools  Chemical Equipment/Petroleum Processing Equipment  Construction & Related Facilities  Machinery Designing & Processing 
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Umbrella, Rainware  Household Plastic Product  Doorbell, Video Door Phone  Bedding / Blanket  Household & Sanitary Paper  Timer  Baby Products  Bedding  Home Supplies Project Cooperation  Bath & Toilet Appliances 
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Health Care Products  Others  Health Tea  Special Medicines  Medical Equipment Manufactureing Machinery  Pharmaceutical & Sanitary Projects Cooperation  Enzyme (Ferment) Preparations  Waste Loss  Energy Beverage  Health Care 
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Resinic Crafts  Promotion Gifts  Stone Crafts  Key Chain  Decoration Box  Toys  Crafts Gifts and Toys Designing & Processing  Plant Knitting Crafts  Metal Gifts  Carving Crafts 
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Musical Instrument  Poker  Chess  Fishing  Amusement Park  Pets & Products  Fitness & Body Building  Sport Products  Souvenirs  Hotel Supplies & Guest Amenities 
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Lab Supplies  Telephones, Visual Telephones  Office Furniture  Education Appliances  Notebook & Diary  Paper Cutting Machines  Time Recording  Projectors  Graph Plotter  Conference System 
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Label & Tag  Waste Paper  Paper Stationery  Rigging  Plastic Packaging Materials  Metal Packaging Materials  Glass Packaging Materials  Wooden Packaging Materials  Flax Package  Paper Processing Machinery 
Business Services
Import & Export Trade Agent  Passport & Visa  Labor & Employment  Telecommunication & Postal Services  Education & Training  Labor & Employment  Therapies  Repairing, Installing & Cleaning  Others  Store & Supermarket Supplies 
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Doorbell, Video Door Phone  Sports Safety  BulletProof  Burglarproof  Personal Protection & Self Defense  Bodyguard  Lifesaving  Safety Products  Alarm  Fire-fighting 
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Agriculture & By-products Stock  Food & Beverage Stock  Apparel Stock  Textile Stock  Electrical Products Stock  Home Appliance Stock  Chemical Stock  Mining & Metallurgy Supplies Stock  Automobile & Parts Stock  Construction Materials Stock 
Automobile  Motorcycle & Parts  Special Transportation Equipment  Park, Gas Station Equipment  Auto Maintenance  Auto Accessories & Products  Automobile & Parts Stock  Second Hand  Roadway Safety  Others 
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Printing Oil  Audio Video Products & Ebooks  Printing Products  Media & Communication  Others  Printing Machinery  Advertisement Matericals  Printing & Publishing Services  Laser Protection  Books 
Television Broadcasing & Telecommunication Equipment  Radar & Assembly  Charger  Lithium Batteries, Nickel Hydride Batteries  Antenna  Dialer  Caller IP Phone  Control and Regulation Equipment  Manufacturing Equipment of Telecom Products  Exchanges 
Ball  Toy Accessories  Children Cars Accessories  Crafts & Gifts Projects Cooperatioin  Electrical Toys  Model Toys  Wooden Toys  Inflatable Toys  Dolls  Toy Cars 
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